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About Us

Indian Corporate Gifts complements the corporate environment of the companies across the country. We are the source of a company’s extension of gratitude towards its loyal employees and customers. We offer world class personalized corporate gifting experiences.

Indian Corporate Gifts was established in the year 2011 and since then we have been serving the market with quality products.

Gifts are a way of thanksgiving which includes a lot of love and warmth and we do understand that. We curate every gift with the strings of all of your emotional investment thereby making it special. We have a range of gifting products starting from all seasons to your customized reasons.

Wooden Gifts (3)

Occasional Gifts (5)

New Year Gifts (3)

Gift Sets (3)

Premium Gifts (6)

Awards & Trophies (3)

Clocks (4)

Apparel (5)

Stationery (9)

Customized Gifts

Irrespective of the reason or occasion, it’s always the best exchanging innovative and fresh customized corporate gifts, which always leaves an everlasting impact.

Seasonal Gifts

Embracing our cultural and occasional diversity, our team reflects the flavours of India and curates suitable corporate gifts for every reason and season.

Why is corporate gifting important?

Corporate gifting is important to show your gratitude towards your clients, customers and employees for their loyalty and integrity. This helps building a strong relationship with your fellows thereby making them happy. Customers after receiving gifts are likely to give you more business. This also enforces a great partnership between you and your stakeholders.

This way you develop a positive image in the minds of your customers, thereby increasing your goodwill. You should always keep in mind that customers are much more receptive to companies that give them free gifts.